Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leavenworth, Washington

While I was helping Mom pick out the photo for "My Favorite Agility Pix" we came across some pictures she took when we went for a drive to Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a Bavarian style tourist town up in the Cascade Mountains. It is about 2 hours from Seattle. It is really beautiful there.

Well, as we were walking through the town they had wooden wine barrels planted with flowers. Mom said she had to shoot a picture of me surrounded by all the flowers. So she sends Dad and Rocky to be the lookouts and to make sure no one sees us. Then she picks me up and she plops me down right in the middle of the flowers. I was so scared we were gonna get caught and get in trouble. I couldn't even look at her.........

She begged me to please look at her, so I figured I'd give her one try to get the shot and that was it. I planned to get the heck out of there. If she got caught I was gonna pretend I didn't know her. I wasn't going to jail. I don't look good in stripes.

So, here is the photograph. I have to admit it came out great. Then again, with me for a model how can she go wrong?

NOTE: No animals or flowers were injured in the making of the above photo!!!!

Favorite Agility Pix

I hope all of you like the photos I post on my blog. All of the agility and conformation pictures were taken by my Mom. She really likes taking dog pictures. So, here is another of my favorites.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite Conformation Pix

Afghan Hound Puppy

It's Not Fair

Something has been bothering me for a long time. Mom and Dad give us cheese as a treat sometimes. Not an exotic kind of cheese but plain, American deli cheese. The problem is....they always refer to it as "Rocky Cheese". Now I know Rocky lived here long before I did but you'd think after nearly four years they'd name a treat after me. But no....

Well, I think Mom has ESP because the other day she gave us a little piece of bologna instead of cheese. She started calling it "Diego Bologna". I was so happy!! I heard her tell Dad that she is calling the bologna "Diego Bologna". She must have though I ate a lot of it too because I also heard her tell him I was "full of it".


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day


I know how much you love to have corned beef & cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. So, here is our Irish Blessing to you.


Diego & Rocky

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pap is #8

I was reading my friend Bailey's blog the other day and saw this link.... I was happy to see that my breed was #8 and the only small dog on the list. The description it gave was right on. Sounded just like me. Here's what it said.....

#8 Papillon - This deceptively cute, (I sure am) butterfly-eared dog is smarter, tougher, and stronger than it appears (it’s like the bionic dog). Often described as big dogs in little bodies, they have the athletic stamina to keep up on long walks, and the bravura of a canine ten times its size. The Papillon is a true companion and watchdog. Although they can be ferociously protective over what belongs to them, (Don't even think of touching my squeeky) their keen intelligence makes it possible to take them anywhere. (Did you hear that Mom? You can take me anywhere! Let's go!!) Let’s not forget they can be litter trained, (I don't know how I like that idea) a big plus.

Bionic Dog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to the Park

Mom and Dad took us to the park one day last week. There had been temperatures in the 60's for a couple of days and we had spring fever and really wanted to go. So they packed us up, put us in the car and off we went. First stop was at the DMV. Mom had to renew her licence. We waited in the car with Dad. When Mom came out she said she is never going to write a check for the next five years because she is not showing anyone her licence picture. She said she sure hopes she never gets stopped for speeding.

We then stopped at the Post Office. Then to the park. Finally!!

We got to the park and Dad got Mom's electric scooter out. Mom can't walk very far so she rides the scooter and we ride with her. I ride in the basket and Rocky rides on the floor board.
We went down the road at the park and out on the boardwalk that goes to the lake. Oh, I forgot to was freezing out!! We sure picked the wrong day to go to the park. Hardly anyone was there. We met a nice lady and her dog Odie.

She told us that the day before we were there she saw lots of wild birds. Lots of swans and ducks and geese. We saw a couple of ducks but that was it. BORING!!

I was so cold I was shivering. Mom finally wrapped me in a sweater she had. We hurried back to the car and left.

After we got home I had to crawl under the covers with Mom to get warm. I haven't thawed out yet. I can't wait for warm weather!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Agility Pix

She's No Fun

Yesterday, Rocky and I were so excited to run in the back yard. There are lots of wicked awesome places to explore out there. There is a holly tree that has branches that go all the way down to the ground. Rocky and I like to go under there and see if there's anything good there. It smells like cats and squirrels have been under there.

The other day we noticed a hole getting bigger at the back of the fence. We can look right into the next yard. Rocky keeps scratching at it to see if he can fit through it. I keep telling him it's not even big enough for me to fit through with my svelte, sexy bod. So, he'd never get through it. He's twice my size. Another place Rocky likes to go is under the old dog run that my afghan hound brothers and sisters used before they went to the rainbow bridge.

Mom doesn't like when we go to these places. She likes to be able to look out and see us.

So, look what happened when we got out there.......

She had Dad cover up the hole in the fence with a big square rock. Dad also blocked the entrance under the dog run. Rocky couldn't get under there.

It's just not fair.

Don't tell Mom about the tree!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy is my squeaky. It is just a round piece of cloth on one side and a piece of lambs fur on the other side. Inside is a little squeaker. And does it squeak LOUD!!! Mom gets me these toys at the dog show from her friend Claudia.

When she first got me my squeaky I used to play with it and squeak it sometimes. Mom would think I was entertaining myself so she would pick up the phone and call Nancy. They would start yakking and she would ignore me so I would climb in her lap and I'd squeak my toy really loud. Nancy would say "Geez, what is that noise"? Mom told her it was me with my squeaky.
As soon as she hung up the phone I'd stop squeaking my toy.

After doing this to her a few times Mom started to catch on. So did Nancy. So now Mom doesn't give me my squeaky until after her phone calls.

When Nancy got her new puppy (cousin Winston) the first thing Mom did was send him some squeakers. I wonder why Mom always smiles when she thinks about that?