Friday, March 6, 2009

She's No Fun

Yesterday, Rocky and I were so excited to run in the back yard. There are lots of wicked awesome places to explore out there. There is a holly tree that has branches that go all the way down to the ground. Rocky and I like to go under there and see if there's anything good there. It smells like cats and squirrels have been under there.

The other day we noticed a hole getting bigger at the back of the fence. We can look right into the next yard. Rocky keeps scratching at it to see if he can fit through it. I keep telling him it's not even big enough for me to fit through with my svelte, sexy bod. So, he'd never get through it. He's twice my size. Another place Rocky likes to go is under the old dog run that my afghan hound brothers and sisters used before they went to the rainbow bridge.

Mom doesn't like when we go to these places. She likes to be able to look out and see us.

So, look what happened when we got out there.......

She had Dad cover up the hole in the fence with a big square rock. Dad also blocked the entrance under the dog run. Rocky couldn't get under there.

It's just not fair.

Don't tell Mom about the tree!!

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