Monday, March 2, 2009

My Favorite Toy

My favorite toy is my squeaky. It is just a round piece of cloth on one side and a piece of lambs fur on the other side. Inside is a little squeaker. And does it squeak LOUD!!! Mom gets me these toys at the dog show from her friend Claudia.

When she first got me my squeaky I used to play with it and squeak it sometimes. Mom would think I was entertaining myself so she would pick up the phone and call Nancy. They would start yakking and she would ignore me so I would climb in her lap and I'd squeak my toy really loud. Nancy would say "Geez, what is that noise"? Mom told her it was me with my squeaky.
As soon as she hung up the phone I'd stop squeaking my toy.

After doing this to her a few times Mom started to catch on. So did Nancy. So now Mom doesn't give me my squeaky until after her phone calls.

When Nancy got her new puppy (cousin Winston) the first thing Mom did was send him some squeakers. I wonder why Mom always smiles when she thinks about that?


Totally Timmy said...

Clever puppy...enjoy your squeaky!

Mason Dixie said...

Your toy looks like lots of fun. =)

Diego Dog said...

Thanks Timmy & Dixie!!


NESSA the hovawart said...

it's very nice to meet you :-)You are cute litle guy and I love litle dogies soooo much.
Hugs and kisses,

Gennasus said...

Hi! Spotted your profile pic whilst following links and just had to come and check out another papillon blog.

Great seeing you in the snow, my lot love it. And the photo of the weaving pap is just great!

Diego Dog said...

Hi Nessa.....
I think you are a pretty lady! I've never seen a hovawart. I'm now glaf I have!!


Diego Dog said...

Hi Gennasus!

I wish I could play with all of you. Your blog pictures are so nice. I've never been rabbit hunting. It looks like fun.