Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Snow

It snowed again today. About 3 inches. Dad said we had more snow this winter than any other winter he'd ever seen at our house. He's lived here since he was 12 years old (in human years) and now he's really old.

Here are some pictures from today.....


Mom spent the day Monday making something called Catnip Pillows. She said they are for those furry things to play with. She gave one to the ones who live here and they were rolling around with it and acting goofy. Mom made lots of them to sell at her booth when the Issaquah Farmers Market opens. Joy, Joy....we get left alone every Saturday when she goes there.

Anyway, Mom needed my help guarding these things from Snickers who kept trying to steal them. Here is a picture of me doing my "guard duty".......

That's Snickers on the left and the catnip pillows in the basket. Wait a minute.....what was Mom thinking putting me between the cat and the catnip??????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

After All It Is Fashion Week

My Mom went to the fabric store the other day. So, today I found the bag with the sewing patterns that she bought. This is one of the ones she bought.......

Aren't these dog beds cute? And there is even a ramp to help older dogs to climb up on the bed. I hope Mom makes something from this pattern for me. And did you notice the model they used for these pictures?? Va-va-va-voom!!!

While Mom was looking at patterns on her computer, I was peeking over her shoulder and was horrified by what I saw. Look at these ..........

I can sense the pain in those dogs eyes. Not one of them is smiling. They are so humiliated. If Mom even tried to put one of these on my head she'd think she owned a pitbull instead of a sweet, calm papillon. And then there is this........

What were these guys thinking??? Who are they supposed to be, Little Lord Fauntleroy?? They will never again be able to show their faces at the dog park.

And a baby bunting?? You'd never catch me in one of those. And wearing a creepy matching hat too!! What is this world coming to?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mom and the camera

Here we go again.....Mom is on a picture taking kick again. She's always trying to get Rocky and me to pose for pictures. Well, give us a break. We sit, we speak, we high five. She's not satisfied. We have to do it again. Give us a break. We're dogs......if you don't get it the first time, we're not gonna do it again.

Here is the Diego Dog video she made.......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Favorite Agility Pix

Our Cousins

Rocky and I have two cousins.

Rudy lives with Christine, Mike, Katie & Sydney. She is a wire hair Jack Russell. She looks different from our friend Lady who is smooth coated. Mom's friends told her that Jack Russells were very hyper dogs but both Rudy and Lady are very sweet girls.

Winston is a Yorkie. Winston lives with Nancy, Joe & Madison. He is very cute but Mom says he has been known to steal from ladies purses. He also likes to chew and keeps his family on their toes.

I've never met my cousins but I told Mom that if she is ever mean to me I'm gonna run away and stay with them. How far away is Massachusetts anyway??

Monday, February 16, 2009


Rocky and I are confirmed bachelors. Although there is a good looking girl who lives across the street from us that I think would be perfect for Rocky. Her name is Lady. She is a really cute Jack Russell Terrier. She comes from a good family.....Mom, Dad, one Son and two daughters. They also have one of those furry things running around. We can sit on the top step in our house and see Lady playing with her family. They like to take lady camping. Although I did hear them tell my Mom that last summer when they went camping they forgot Lady at the campground and got all the way to the ferry before they realised she was missing and had to go back and get her.

Here is a picture of Lady.....

Don't you think she is perfect for Rocky? Oh well, as they say, I guess he's just not that into her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Strange Sounds in the Night

I don't know what it was but it sure as heck scared me....

Last night we all settled down for a nap. Rocky was laying at the bottom of the bed between Mom's feet. I was laying between Mom and Dad. Dad fell asleep so I climb up on his chest to get more comfy. I knew he couldn't yell at me to get off because he was out like a light. After circling a couple of times I settled down for a nice snooze.

All of a sudden.... this huge snort came out of Dad with a gust like a hurricane. I was lucky I wasn't blown to Timbuktu.

After that I went and curled up next to Rocky....better to be safe than comfy.

Left Home Again....jigity jig

Yup. She went to an agility trial yesterday. Yup. She left us home again.

She knows I'd like to try to do agility but she said she can't run with me because she has a bad knee. It's too bad because it looks like fun. I think I could give my friend Tigger (see his picture below) a run for his money. Tigger is 3 time AKC Invitational Agility Champion. You may have seen him on TV. Rocky said he could care less about agility. He's glad he stayed home where it was warm.

Anyway, Mom goes off with her friends Sandy & Terri. Rocky & I weren't home alone long. Dad soon got home from work. A few hours later Mom got home. I was happy to see her but then......I saw her sweatshirt. It was covered with white papillon hair. Not mine, not Rocky's. GADS.....she was holding another dog. After a few minutes of sniffing I realize I know who's been resting in my Mom's arms.....BLING!! So, Tigger's little brother knows a papillon pushover when he sees one. Grrrrrrrr.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Agility Trial

Mom went to an agility trial today. She didn't take me. I'll tell you about it later......when I'm done being mad at her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Furry Creatures

I have a great little family. Mom, Dad & Rocky. The only thing is there are these five strange furry creatures that run around here like they own the place. Mom said they are called Cats. She said they aren't family they just live here. She said Dad & her adopted them.....whatever that means.

I don't like them. They sneak up and eat out of Rocky and my food bowls. I run and bark at them but they just look at me with evil eyes. Sometimes they take a swipe at me and that hurts.

They sit by the deck door and watch the birds eat from Mom's bird feeders. I bet if they could get out there they'd eat the bird's food too. They do nothing but eat and sleep. Oh yeah and sometimes they make awful noises that Mom says are because of something called fur balls. GROSS!! They are totally gross animals. Nothing like a dog.

Dad has one he calls Snickers. Mom & Dad say Snickers thinks he's a dog. HE WISHES!!!! I get so mad when Dad picks him up and holds him like he's a baby. I try to jump up on Dad's lap so he will put Snickers down. He does but then he picks me up and wants me to give him a kiss. So, I just lick his ear and he's lucky I do that because......I'M NOT A KISSY DOG.

Finally....she's awake!

Rocky & I really want to go out. We haven't been out since Dad left for work. Get up Mom and let us out. Yes, yes she's getting up. Out we go!! Down the steps....ohhhh I hate stepping on wet ground. We live in Washington and I heard Mom say it rains from October until March. I like it when the rain turns white and fluffy but I still don't really like walking in it. My business is done so I want to go in NOW. Thank goodness Mom is waiting at the door. Dad usually goes away and doesn't come back until Rocky barks his head off. After I go in Mom acts all happy and starts playing with me and calling me "Silly Dog". I play along with her and run into the living room and back to the kitchen. She seems to really like playing this game so I kinda play along. Sometimes she even gives me a treat. She picks me up and gives me kisses. I DON'T LIKE KISSES!!

Rocky is still out. He likes to wander around the yard and checks out EVERYTHING. Mom is getting tired of waiting for him so she yells "Rocky. Come Rocky". Sometimes he comes right away but sometimes he totally ignores her. He comes in and Mom gives him a treat too.