Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally....she's awake!

Rocky & I really want to go out. We haven't been out since Dad left for work. Get up Mom and let us out. Yes, yes she's getting up. Out we go!! Down the steps....ohhhh I hate stepping on wet ground. We live in Washington and I heard Mom say it rains from October until March. I like it when the rain turns white and fluffy but I still don't really like walking in it. My business is done so I want to go in NOW. Thank goodness Mom is waiting at the door. Dad usually goes away and doesn't come back until Rocky barks his head off. After I go in Mom acts all happy and starts playing with me and calling me "Silly Dog". I play along with her and run into the living room and back to the kitchen. She seems to really like playing this game so I kinda play along. Sometimes she even gives me a treat. She picks me up and gives me kisses. I DON'T LIKE KISSES!!

Rocky is still out. He likes to wander around the yard and checks out EVERYTHING. Mom is getting tired of waiting for him so she yells "Rocky. Come Rocky". Sometimes he comes right away but sometimes he totally ignores her. He comes in and Mom gives him a treat too.

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