Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Furry Creatures

I have a great little family. Mom, Dad & Rocky. The only thing is there are these five strange furry creatures that run around here like they own the place. Mom said they are called Cats. She said they aren't family they just live here. She said Dad & her adopted them.....whatever that means.

I don't like them. They sneak up and eat out of Rocky and my food bowls. I run and bark at them but they just look at me with evil eyes. Sometimes they take a swipe at me and that hurts.

They sit by the deck door and watch the birds eat from Mom's bird feeders. I bet if they could get out there they'd eat the bird's food too. They do nothing but eat and sleep. Oh yeah and sometimes they make awful noises that Mom says are because of something called fur balls. GROSS!! They are totally gross animals. Nothing like a dog.

Dad has one he calls Snickers. Mom & Dad say Snickers thinks he's a dog. HE WISHES!!!! I get so mad when Dad picks him up and holds him like he's a baby. I try to jump up on Dad's lap so he will put Snickers down. He does but then he picks me up and wants me to give him a kiss. So, I just lick his ear and he's lucky I do that because......I'M NOT A KISSY DOG.

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