Saturday, February 14, 2009

Left Home Again....jigity jig

Yup. She went to an agility trial yesterday. Yup. She left us home again.

She knows I'd like to try to do agility but she said she can't run with me because she has a bad knee. It's too bad because it looks like fun. I think I could give my friend Tigger (see his picture below) a run for his money. Tigger is 3 time AKC Invitational Agility Champion. You may have seen him on TV. Rocky said he could care less about agility. He's glad he stayed home where it was warm.

Anyway, Mom goes off with her friends Sandy & Terri. Rocky & I weren't home alone long. Dad soon got home from work. A few hours later Mom got home. I was happy to see her but then......I saw her sweatshirt. It was covered with white papillon hair. Not mine, not Rocky's. GADS.....she was holding another dog. After a few minutes of sniffing I realize I know who's been resting in my Mom's arms.....BLING!! So, Tigger's little brother knows a papillon pushover when he sees one. Grrrrrrrr.

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