Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to the Park

Mom and Dad took us to the park one day last week. There had been temperatures in the 60's for a couple of days and we had spring fever and really wanted to go. So they packed us up, put us in the car and off we went. First stop was at the DMV. Mom had to renew her licence. We waited in the car with Dad. When Mom came out she said she is never going to write a check for the next five years because she is not showing anyone her licence picture. She said she sure hopes she never gets stopped for speeding.

We then stopped at the Post Office. Then to the park. Finally!!

We got to the park and Dad got Mom's electric scooter out. Mom can't walk very far so she rides the scooter and we ride with her. I ride in the basket and Rocky rides on the floor board.
We went down the road at the park and out on the boardwalk that goes to the lake. Oh, I forgot to mention.....it was freezing out!! We sure picked the wrong day to go to the park. Hardly anyone was there. We met a nice lady and her dog Odie.

She told us that the day before we were there she saw lots of wild birds. Lots of swans and ducks and geese. We saw a couple of ducks but that was it. BORING!!

I was so cold I was shivering. Mom finally wrapped me in a sweater she had. We hurried back to the car and left.

After we got home I had to crawl under the covers with Mom to get warm. I haven't thawed out yet. I can't wait for warm weather!!


Harlow said...

hi Diego,

it's nice to meet you! I am glad you found my blog :) you sound like my mommy she can't wait til summer either.

puggle power!

Diego Dog said...

Hi Harlow....

Thanks for coming by my blog!!


cousin said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi diego. This is your cousin, remember me, just want to say hi, so ruff ruff.